We work in conjunction with other local rehabilitators, community organizations such as the VB Animal Control, Tidewater Wildlife Rescue and other local agencies to rescue wildlife.  We also take in injured and orphaned wildlife from the general public.

Second Chance Wildlife has an active education program that includes outreach in the public school system as well as with community groups. We  offer regular workshops that provide training to volunteers and educate  the public on the importance of our work in providing balance in the ecosystem.



​​Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation   501(c)(3)

​​​​Our primary goal whenever possible is to release back into the wild all animals under our care.  We work with community groups and individuals to ensure wildlife is released in a habitat that offers the best chance for their survival.   Time of release, location and natural food and water sources are given careful consideration.  We are always looking for local places for release.

Disclaimer - This website is for informational purposes only.  No personal information is shared and all donations are made thr​ough the PayPal secure website.

Our Mission is to give a second chance to wildlife native to the state of Virginia.  We accomplish this through rescue, rehabilitation and release of healthy wildlife and through education and outreach in the community.

Also, continued appreciation to Dr. Tony Poutous and staff of Midway Veterinary Hostpital, 3710 Indian River Road, Chesapeake VA for their continued help and treatment of our wildlife.


Our Mission


Our facility provides medical care, shelter, food and rehabilitation to prepare wildlife in our care for return to their natural habitat.  We are proud to work with Dr. Tony Poutous from Midway Veterinary Hospital in Chesapeake, VA who provides us with specialized care and treatment.

A special thank you to FURSONACON and Doug Cox and Tyr Fenton - for all your continued love and support.