CONNIE HIEBERT is a federal and state licensed Category II Wildlife Rehabilitator

​​Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation   501(c)(3)

I have been working in wildlife rehabilitation for several years now.  I got involved because I believe as responsible stewards we all can play a role in protecting the future of wildlife and their habitat.

Second Chance is blessed with many special people who help our organization survive and grow by helping out in any way they can.  We could not do the work we do without all your support!

mission & vision

Second Chance is all about giving wildlife in our care a "second chance".  Every day we focus on using our expertise and our resources to  provide the best possible outcome for our patients.


We have many people that volunteer for us and make the difference in every part of the wildlife rehabilitation process.  From building to cleaning cages to feeding babies, our volunteers play an integral role in our organization.

Our PRESIDENT & founder

The heartbeat of Second Chance

recent programs

 One of our first programs was to provide a home for one of our non-releasable squirrels.  This is Benjamin or "Mr. B." for short.  He was a southern flying squirrel who had metabolic bone disease.  Sadly, Mr. B recently passed away and we now have a permit for "Cheezer" as an education animal and he is our new ambassador for Second Chance.  He too is a Southern Flying Squirrel.